I got my first DLSR in 2009 and it's pretty much become my entire personality since then. I earned my BFA in photography at SCAD and have built my business from the ground up in Nashville, TN. Your girl here is basically exploding with knowledge she wants to share with you...so that's just what I'm here to do!

Hello friend, I'm Cayleigh

A Tennessee girl, who passionately chases her dream everyday.

Change is coming!

I get you friend! I was just like you!

I literally knew nothing about owning a small business, let alone how to run a successful one. And I'm not here to push any crazy ideas on you except one - you can do it too! It can be scary and stressful at times, but with my help we can take your biz from zero to booked!


Come along for a half day where we do a shoot together and recap it afterwards. You'll walk away with great content AND knowledge to carry with you.

Shadow Sessions

Three 1-1 coaching calls to go over any questions you have personally to help you reach your goals! This also includes an initial social media and website audit.


A quick, low-budget solution when you just have a few questions to ask. Editing, marketing, taxes - you name it! Literally nothing is off limits.

Virtual Mentor Sessions

Let's start the journey

Education is the best investment you can make for your business. Small steps are a perfect way to begin...

I will help you to find it!

Everything is within you

Grace D.

Our branding mentor session was everything I was expecting an so. much. more. She shared so many helpful, applicable tools and tips that I know are going to up-level my business.

"Cayleigh is AMAZING"

Sara E.

The session felt like talking to a friend. I learned so much and it was completely worth the money.

"She is warm and lovely."